The WorldSkills General Assembly and WorldSkills Conference has started. Aligning with WorldSkills’ Vision 2025, WorldSkills General Assembly 2018 will incorporate engagement and input from external stakeholders. This will be realized by transitioning from the WorldSkills Leaders Forum to the WorldSkills Conference guided by the WorldSkills Conference Coalition, hosting working group discussions related to WorldSkills’ focus areas. We picked up some inspirational quotes from our speakers for you:


  1. Ruud Veltenaar during his keynote ‘The future will be Skills or will not be’: “It is all about the mindset. Look at reality, become co-creators of the world! And remember… 10 short words: If it is to be, it is up to me.”
  2. Prof. Dr. Marinka Kuijpers during her workshop ‘Fostering programmes for passion-based careers for youth’: “Young people want to do something that has a meaning. But, making choises radically is hard for them, what makes that they have to experience something before they can make a choice.”
  3. Prof. Dr. Didier Fouarge and Paul Comyn mentioned in their workshop ‘Career building in fast-changing labour markets’: “We studied how youngsters make their choices about their study. 95% of them told us they made their choices on preferences. But, what we studied was that those who also looked at labour market prospects, had a better match for a job.”
  4. Montserrat Gomendio noted during her workshop ‘Seven questions about apprenticeships: Insights from international experience’: “The duration of the apprenticeship should reflect the targeted occupation, because how long it takes to develop occupational Skills varies by occupation.”